Friday, June 15, 2007

Ode to My Counter-Part

(or "Come Share my Space-Time")

And yet still there,
The counter-part of me.

I love the way,
You open up,
Such possibility.

And even though,
You can't be seen,
By actualities.

I sure can still,
Know that you're mine,
Like knowing one two three.

I'm now in force,
To find a name,
That can refer to thee.

I have but one,
Solo account:
The one who's just like me.

I wonder if,
You can bear,

Cause if you can,
Meinong says you,
Can still relate to me.

So here you have,
For this dear blog,
Some modal poetry.

Thank goodnes for,
The poets who,
Can do philosophy.

thought I'd give y'all a sample after last philosophy club. I seem to remember some kids tale about a philosopher/poet who didn't do any useful work in his villaige or something.... Hope you guys got a kick out of it.


Chelsey said...
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Chelsey said...

Hey Dan,

"Your the coolest freakin' cat around!"

Let me know when the poetry / book launch takes place.